Empowerment Against All Odds: A Fearless Female Battle for Drisdale

The novel will appeal to readers because of its high stakes and pure message. If Amy West fails, Drisdale will continue to fall apart and lives will be lost in one way or another. Readers will find themselves asking how? How will she assist a town in a district the society has turned its back on? How will she upkeep the school and hospital as only one person? How will she maintain her drive with the world against her? With the constant questioning will bring the desire to keep turning pages to discover whether Amy West will fail or succeed. The refreshing message surrounding undying kindness and why it’s important to not give up on those who need you will also bring warmth to readers’ hearts.

In this novel, there’s an element of magic in Amy’s strange abilities. Other stories with the theme of ‘helping those in need’ are either very grounded in reality or solely fictitious. We read stories about fairies and super heroes that teach kindness and helpfulness all the while but in this book, there’s a perfect blend of realism, mystery and magic that makes for an intriguing read.